About Us


Founded as a small innovative law firm, Castle/Brown combines experience with a contemporary view of the relevance of legal practice to the needs of clients. 

With over 100 years of collective legal experience Castle/Brown breaks down complex problems in a practical way to find optimal solutions for clients. 

Central to our ethic is our desire to understand client goals, identify opportunities that add value to them and manage clients’ legal risks.  To assist us we have access to a long established network of professionals and resources from a number of other disciplines.


Core Values:

  • To provide clients with clear personalised service, specific to their individual needs 

  • To develop relationships to gain a deep understanding of client objectives and enable us to identify solutions and opportunities that add value to client outcomes 

  • We strive to help business clients seize opportunities, resolve issues and manage legal risks 

  • To recognise the importance of supporting start-up enterprises that are the leaders of change and have potential to become future success stories 

  • Ensure clients have direct personal contact with the lawyer/partner responsible allowing direct communication advice and support 

  • To provide support for clients engaged in disputes by identifying the key issues and managing them to a suitable solution